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Blueberry Space Cake is a 70% Indica dominant cannabis strain. It is a cross between Alien Dutchess and Outer Space. THC levels are unconfirmed but expected to be exceedingly high. The buds are forest green in color with red hairs that are sometimes even rustic brown all over them. The aroma the buds put off has hints of blueberry and a.

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Blueberry Space Cake by Cresco Labs is the indica-dominant offspring bearing the strongest influence on its effects and morphology. It offers heavier than average Kush-forward effects that include cerebral euphoria and relaxed, weighted limbs. This strain exhibits a strong berry and citrus aroma and could be utilized for stress relief, minor physical pain, and restlessness.

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Lava Cake Marijuana Strain. Our Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 / Best known for: easy to use medical strain. Positive Effects. Origin / ancestry. Lava Cake Type: Lava Cake is a hybrid of 70 % cannabis indica and 30 % cannabis sativa. THC levels can be as high as 18 %. This strain was created by Cookie Farms.

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Space cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (65%Indica/35%Sativa) created with average THC levels and a low CBD content. Space cake buds can be smoked or vaporized for optimal effects; however, it can also be used as an edible if you prefer not to inhale smoke.

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Blueberry Space Cake is a hybrid strain that is moderately difficult to cultivate. The strain prefers an indoor environment where growing conditions can be appropriately maintained, but skilled outdoor growers should be able to produce successful crops. Blueberry Space Cake flowers in seven to ten weeks indoors or in early October outdoors.

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Call or Text Us: +1 (323) 488-5323. Mail: [email protected] Location; California, USA.

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Wholesale Cake She Hits Different Carts deliveries, Buy full gram Cake carts online They are predicted win numerous awards in 2022 for their quality in California. Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide, we extract a.

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About this product. Space Cake is an out of this world indica-dominant hybrid strain, a rare cross between legendary cultivars GSC and Snow Lotus. Its buds have dark purple hues, and blazing orange pistils caked with trichomes. Expect a 20 - 26% THC with notes of musk and creamy diesel aroma.

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Description: The secret formula behind the Indica-dominant Space Cake strain is a delicious GSC x Snow Lotus pairing. This strain is known for delivering nicely modulated head and body effects. The aroma is a potent fragrance of traditional pine with strong elements of spice and sweetness, which are also present in the flavor of the smoke.

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Rozay Cake. Kurple Fantasy. Frozay. Banger MAC. We are a nationwide grower, cultivator, and manufacturer of premium cannabis products, with over 250,000 square-feet of high end grow facilities from California to Michigan. ... Sitemap. Strains; Find Us. MI Stores; CA Stores; Chief; Garden; Kitchen. Kiva; Wana; High Life; Contact. Michigan.

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Wholesale Cake She Hits Different Carts deliveries, Buy full gram Cake carts online They are predicted win numerous awards in 2022 for their quality in California. Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. Using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide, we extract a.

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About Space Cake. Space Cake, originally bred by Bodhi Seeds, combines the genetics of GSC and Snow Lotus into an out-of-this-world strain that fans say sends your thoughts to the moon. Reviewers note that this strain will elevate your mood and ensure your stress evaporates into the atmosphere, all while sugar-coating it like icing on a cake.

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How Do You Want To Feel? 48North operates Good:Farm, a 100-acre organic cannabis farm which produces organically-grown cannabis, securing a significant first-mover advantage in the production of low-cost, next-generation, extract-based cannabis products. SHOP 48NRTH.

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admin / January 10, 2022. Ice Cream Cake Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. The ratio of Indica vs. Sativa is 75% and 25%, respectively. The strain was created by cross-pollinating Gelato 33 with a Wedding Cake Strain. It is a highly potent strain with a sweet and creamy taste that takes you back to your birthdays when you were a kid.

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Make sure you have tremendous space if you want to grow Chocolope indoors. Just like most sativa strains, it can grow unbelievably large and tall. If indoor crops can yield as much as 600g/m², imagine the possibilities when growing outdoors. 5. CHOCOLATE MINT OG. Genetics: Indica-dominant (80%) Parents: Granddaddy Purp, Emerald OG Kush THC: 22.

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Cake She Hits Different is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was actually created by crossing Cherry Pie parent and Girl Scout cookies strains, resulting in a sweet like taste. Like any dessert, Birthday Cake is the best way to end your day in a deeply soothing way – and also makes a remarkable birthday gift for your cannabis loving friends. Holland Space Cake – Strain Alert | BREALTV. YouTube. 2y . 3:32 Videos. Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer Review |Honey Stem| CBD Hemp Flower Review [Hawaiian OG] Comic-Chron Glass Show Coverage at Just Another Gallery: CCC420 Glass Reviews. 5,000 THC vaping cartridges confiscated in Guilford County bust.

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Space Cake (Small Buds) (AAA+) Rated out of 5 based on customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $ 2.98 - $ 4.66 / Gram. Take a bite out of this sweet cake and get ready for the ride of your life! Space Cake packs a soaring high that’s both relaxing and energizing at the same time, perfect for a late night kicking back with friends or a lazy.

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We and our sims 4 bed cc pinterest process, store and/or access data such as IP address, 3rd party cookies, unique ID and browsing data based on your consent to display personalised ads and ad measurement, personalised content, measure content performance, apply market research to generate audience insights, develop and improve products, use precise geolocation data, and actively scan device characteristics for identification.
Space Cakes is a hybrid cannabis strain. This strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Snow Lotus. The buds for this strain offer nice forest green colours with underlying tones of purple. The aroma for this strain is amazing. Although hard to identify at first but consists of earthy undertones with a hint of spice and berry. The real Lava Cake strain is commonly referred to as Lava Cake #11. This strain was superbly developed by Cannarado Genetics, famous marijuana breeders. They paired the delightful Grape Pie strain with the much sought-after Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain. The resultant creation was Lava cake, an Indica dominant (70% Indica: 30%.
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